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If you’re unable to get away from the lab to attend one of our live seminars (held at various locations throughout the year) consider the next closest option, Division 6.2 Infectious Substance webinars. Under the direction of the virtual instructor (one of our seasoned seminar instructors), students learn the Dangerous Goods regulations, how to understand the difference between various shipping categories (Cat A, Cat B and Exempt), assemble several shipping systems using actual UN specification packaging (UN2900, UN2814 and UN3373) and test their material comprehension via online training assessments and post-webinar examination. Students attending these programs receive a training kit including: Saf-T-Pak’s Class 6.2 Reference Manual, sample Cat A, Cat B and Exempt shipping systems. Items included in the kit are used and explained throughout the webinar training. Our focus is to make this program as interactive as possible, bringing the classroom to you.

Webinar Breakdown

To minimize down-time, webinars are conducted in three-hour classes on two consecutive days. As with all our training, the course is presented in accordance with IATA/ICAO, 49 CFR and TDG and course objectives are:

  • For students to be able to apply the Dangerous Goods regulations properly
  • Understand their responsibilities
  • Know both visible and hidden hazards
  • Know the proper Shipping Names required
  • Know the value of using a checklist and how to properly pack, mark, label and document shipments of Class 6, Division 2 material.

Dynamic & Engaging

Saf-T-Pak’s webinars are the optimal solution for those who need Division 6.2 compliance training, but need to stay at their laboratory or office. To ensure sufficient training time yet still have ample time for daily job functions, webinars are conducted in three-hour classes on two consecutive days.
These virtual seminars offer participants the luxury of remaining in their office or lab, while at the same time interacting with colleagues and the instructor. Each student receives a comprehensive Saf-T-Pak 6.2 Compliance Training Reference Manual and sample packaging as part of their webinar enrollment.
Private training webinars are available – please contact Saf-T-Pak’s Training Coordinator for further information.

Important Webinar Features:

  • Real-time discussions with Saf-T-Pak Instructor
  • Virtual Training Assessments
  • Video Demonstrations
  • Hands-on Package Assembly (UN2900, UN2814 and UN3373)
  • Interactive Classroom Environment
  • 6.2 Reference Manual (Desk Reference)
  • Post Webinar Examination
  • Training Certificate

“Instructor did an excellent job of explaining the material in layman’s terms. I feel confident now about packing correctly.”

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